Lloyd Spiegel

"Lloyd has a very unique style that has surpassed any blues mentor who has taught him.  The man is like lightning in a bottle." - George Vaughan , Host of  Saturday Night Blues Review, 91.3 FM  

“A revelation, the consummate performer, an Oz Blues & Roots icon.” – Rolling Stone Australia 

“A guitarist almost without peer, Spiegel deconstructs how the blues guitar is supposed to operate, makes sweet love to it, then kicks it out the back door” .– Australian Guitar Player Magazine

"Lloyd Spiegel…guitar magic and great stories. This show is value for money! Go, be amazed!” - Terry Seguin, CBC 

“…he has a unique ability to hold an audience to the end of a performance. Thoroughly entertaining.” Stevie Connor, Blues and Roots Radio 

Melbourne Blues artist Lloyd Spiegel has been touring the globe for 30 of his 40 years.

The 14 time Australian Blues Award Winner has one of the most interesting stories in music, having grown up on stage, learning from and touring with the founding fathers of modern Blues.

Spiegel’s guitar wizardry, powerful lyrics and knack for humorous story telling delivers a truly unique performance that reinvents the genre and dispels the cliches associated with the Blues.

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