Lead vocals: Lloyd Spiegel


I’ve met the wheels who pull the strings inside this music biz,
They sit me down and tell me where it’s at and what it is,
From I don’t like your attitude to I don’t dig this sound,
To this guy’s only use is moving furniture around.
And I thought that I’d taken every kind of industry abuse
Til I came across the man wearing alligator shoes.

Now they say he made his money from a Hollywood divorce,
They say he’s got no talent ‘cept for cashing in on yours,
And they say he has an accent but don’t say where it’s from
And say he’s got the silverware to match his silver tongue,
They say he’s got an offer no sane man would refuse,
I just never trust a man who’s wearing alligator shoes.

He said talent gets you so far, from here you gotta hitch,
Drive your friends right off the road man leave them in a ditch,
Don’t waste your worry thinkin bout those toes your stepping on,
You got to eat the biggest fish and be a gator in the pond,
Don’t matter what they’re saying long as they say it on the news,
Just sign right here and get yourself some alligator shoes.

There ain’t nothing ever so bad it couldn’t a little get worse,
Like calling for an ambulance when it could’ve been a hearse,
He sold me up the river til there’s nothing left to sell,
Took everything I had and some of what I didn’t have as well,
By the time the water stilled he’d loaded up and shot it through,
Just in the wind and on the run in alligator shoes.

Now I heard it got arrested but they couldn’t make it stick,
And I heard that he found Jesus then he lost him just as quick,
I heard he moved to Amsterdam and got himself a brand new face,
And I heard he got a trophy wife who comes in second place,
And I heard that they were married at the chateau de la rue,
In a rented white tuxedo and some alligator shoes.