Lead Vocals: Charlie A’Court


Jump ‘n jive Jenny wants to drop a penny
Down the rock and roll record machine
It’s Friday night and she’s looking alright
And she wants to dance away with me
Wait ‘till she meets my two left feet
And a rhythm that is ready to go
Said you never know what will happen down here
When you’re dancing at the Dirty O

Jimmy Legit and his fists won’t quit
When he’s got one thing on his mind
He’s looking for the fellow what called him yellow
Figured he was way out of line
The band was jumping while Jimmy was thumping
On that man from left to right
After they fought and the beer was bought
They was friends by the end of the night

Kissing in the corner with Jenny when she told me
That her daddy was a county judge
I said, “Honey ain’t that funny, I bet he don’t get out much.”
Well it goes to show that everybody knows
The Dirty O it ain’t no joke
‘Cause I watched his honour fall right off her
Drinking double rum and Coke

I was hanging with the roadie and a kid named Brody
They was looking for a little jay
To blow off stream if you know what I mean
And I thought that it was all ok
The police showed up right on time
And man they wasn’t messing around
One cop cuffed me while they other ruffed me up
And sent us all downtown